Shankar Pamarthy Message to WPC

«I thank you profusely for selecting my work for the prestigious Grand Prix 2014 prize.»


Hyderabad, 06-11-2014 To World Press Cartoon I thank you profusely for selecting my work for the prestigious Grand Prix 2014 prize. I have come to know that WPC is not going to celebrate the award giving function due to non-cooperation from local municipal administration and financial constraints. I feel like appreciating your dedication and commitment to the world of art. Your continuous work under difficult conditions is laudable. I hope that you would continue to work, in order to encourage artists across the globe against all odds. In spite of dearth of funds you have chosen to offer prize money to the winning artists. I thank you for your big-hearted gesture. In my view WPC is the one and only international event where things are judged in proper perspective and where artists’ work is selected genuinely without any favour what so ever. The standards being maintained by five member jury, the way event being conducted, the quality of the catalogue you bring in, the grandiose work that is being put into making of the trophy, and last but not the least… the size of the prize money being offered to the artists is unparalleled and unique. That’s the reason for my wishing longevity and sustenance to WPC. In this context if necessary, I wish to offer my humble contribution towards the well being of WPC. Yours sincerely, Shankar Pamarthy Chief Cartoonist, Sakshi Telugu Daily, President, Forum for Political Cartoonists, Hyderabad, Telangana State