The Grand Prix World Press Cartoon 2015, «Ebola» by André Carrilho, is a cartoon that has become a phenomenon and study subject. Published in «Diário de Notícias» from Lisbon, it is a work that, like many other great cartoons, hits the reader with great violence.

Because not only it exposes the issue of a devastating disease but, above all, it denounces the double standards of the European and American press when addressing the origin of the victims. “People in the African continent are regarded more as an abstract statistic, than a patient in the USA or Europe,” said the author commenting on this work of his to MIC, the American on-line newspaper. «How many individual stories do we know about any African patients? None whatsoever. They are treated as an indistinguishable crowd». This cartoon would be published by many other newspapers all over the world and became viral on the social networks. It has warned journalists, newspapers and their readers to the weaknesses of an only apparently balanced coverage of the big issues of the day and it rekindled the debate about the nature of the picture of the world´s events the press leaves for posterity.