LONG LIFE TO THE WORLD PRESS CARTOON! Graphic humour was considered until very recently a men´s only profession, but step-by-step women have been widening the scope for opinion and humour to other points of view. The World Press Cartoon has been aware of the importance of diversity for its juries, and has included ten women in the judgement process. In 2014 this honour was reserved for me. It has been a very enriching and unforgettable experience, in the company of great international creators of humour graphics. Long life to the World Press Cartoon!

Adriana Mosquera Soto, under the artistic name Nani, is a Colombian humour illustrator, graphic and fashion designer, with a bachelor's degree in Biology. Honorary Professor of Humour by the University of Alcalá de Henares (Spain, 1998), she was the winner at the Humour and Breastfeeding Guipúzcoa contest (Spain, 2003) and at the first Festival of Women Cartoonists Las Tunas (Cuba, 2006). Nani has published her works in Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, the United States, Argentina, Ecuador and Portugal. She is a regular contributor to the Spanish magazine «Interviú», and collaborates with the Bogotá Book Fair, the University of Alcalá de Henares Foundation, the Guadalajara Book Fair (Mexico) and the Advisory Centre for Women of Alcala de Henares. Her works on behalf of gender equity were printed in highway billboards, at Medellin (Colombia, 2007). Under the patronage of the Argentinian Red Cross, Adriana Mosquera has created postcard sets to promote fighting against women´s abuse and domestic violence. With more than 50 women cartoonists from all over the world, she organized the travelling exhibition «Women creators and the art of caricature», as evidence that women can and do work in fields intended only for men.