Juri 2014: RAINER EHRT


INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM AND INTELLIGENT HUMOUR The World Press Cartoon project brings together three important elements of modern communication: critical political thinking, graphical brilliance and pleasurable visualisations. It also has the alternative global view of the problems of our contemporaries: not only the western view of the world, but also the diverse insights from other perspectives. The World Press Cartoon is an open yearbook of clear global thinking and visual pleasure, and we need it for the future as an element of intellectual freedom and intelligent humour.

Born in 1960 in former East Germany, Rainer Ehrt followed studies in Illustration and Graphic Arts at the College of Art and Design Halle Burg Giebichenstein (1981-88). After that, he has worked as freelancer on the fields of graphic design, printmaking, illustration, cartoon, painting, artist books and sculpture. Living and working in Kleinmachnow, near Berlin, Rainer Ehrt has won, among others, the Brandenburg Prize of Arts (2007), Grand Prix World Press Cartoon (2008), Grand Prix Satyrycon Legnica (2010) and the Public Prize at the German Awards of Caricatures (2011).