It is with deep joy and pride that we welcome to Caldas da Rainha the 2017 edition of the World Press Cartoon. In a town marked by the work and the great caricaturist tradition of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro it is only natural and logical this linkage to a contest that celebrates the best that is being created all over the world in this arts field.



Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro was the greatest creator of Portuguese caricature and his character «Zé Povinho» will always be a symbol of Portuguese people.

In Caldas da Rainha, this great artist was able to interconnect drawings and caricature ceramics. It is our intention that these two art fields return to this ancient linkage by creating ceramic pieces inspired by the cartoons exhibited in this contest, which will be produced by factories within our council area. This will be a unique opportunity to make Caldas da Rainha again the heart of humour and caricature in Portugal, also projecting it internationally through one of the main cartoon contests in the world as the World Press Cartoon indeed is.

The time frame for this year’s World Press Cartoon contest was fertile in characters or events that will be marking the political landscape of Portugal and the world. In Portugal, among other events, the election of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa as President of the Republic, the election of António Guterres as Secretary General of the United Nations or our victory in the European Football Championships have been major highlights. In the world, we have had, for instance, the departure of Barack Obama, the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, etc. From Kim Jong-un’s North Korea to Erdogan’s Turkey, Putin’s Russia, or Assad’s Syria, there has not been a shortage, not always for the right or for good reasons, facts where the fine pen of the caricature was able to apply its sometimes critical and scathing, others cheerful and fun vision.

We also wish to thank caricaturist António Antunes for the invitation and the commitment to organize this contest in our council. We hope this will be a great cartoon festival and that together the World Press Cartoon and Caldas da Rainha can energize the art of Caricature for many years.