Juri 2018: Rayma Suprani

Rayma Suprani

Rayma Suprani is a Venezuelan press cartoonist with a BA degree in Mass Communication at Universidad Central de Venezuela. Since 1989, she has developed her career by working in several newspapers such as El Diario de Caracas, Economía Hoy and El Universal.
In September 2014, she was fired from El Universal after publishing a cartoon that portrayed a Hugo Chávez’s signature in a way that criticized the health care system in Venezuela. This event triggered a series of controversies in her art work, including threats against her while depicting Venezuelan news. Rayma is an award winner of Interamerican Society Press Prize (2005) and Pedro León Zapata Awards (2000, 2009). She has also participated in the film Caricaturists: Foot Soldiers of Democracy (2014), directed by Stéphanie Valloatto. This documentary premiered at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival was nominated as Best Documentary Film for the 40th César Awards.
Rayma has delivered several conferences on defence of human rights for organizations such as Freedom House, New York, and Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway. She belongs to the “Cartooning for Peace” association.
I want to thank the entire WPC team for having invited me
to partake in this experience as a jury member of this 2018 prestigious competition of cartoons held in Portugal. The whole organization, camaraderie and professionalism have left me very happy, as well as the high-level outlook of the participating works together with the excellent selection of award-winning works. I want to thank for the creative vision of Antonio Antunes to make caricature a tool of denunciation, laughter and international reflection in this contest, where it becomes possible to encourage many professionals from all over the world to be part of this project that addresses very important issues of the contemporary world. I want to thank my fellow jury cartoonists who accompanied me in such difficult decisions. I have returned home happy with the results, with a feeling of professional growth and fed back on the drawings. Thank you all very much.