Juri 2019: Manuel Peres

Manuel Peres

Manuel Peres had favoured to be a violinist and drummer at one, but he remained to become a designer at two hands. He currently works in concept design for a living. He began his career in 1956/51 as an apprentice lithographer, starting to work in graphic design studios until 1965. He graduated academically at evening classes. He became a teacher of calligraphy and graphic design at Escola Antonio Arroio (Lisbon) and later teached illustration at the Pan American School of Art in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Illustrator, photographer and copywriter, he has won 136 awards, nationally and internationally, of which he highlights: Gold Medal at Beja International Biennial 1971 (Portugal), Gold Medal (FIAF), Zagreb International Biennial 1982, Best Illustrator of Brazil CIB 1982, International Biennial Prize of Vila Nova de Cerveira 1988 for Illustration (Portugal), Best Art Director 1981- FCB Portugal Group. Gold, Silver and Bronze CCB (Brazil), World Tetra Pack Packaging Award (unique for Portugal), Best advertising campaign / Portugal 1999, Executive Director of the International Photography Biennial 1982 (S.Paulo - Brazil) International Photography, S.Andre, Brazil 1983. He is a lecturer in Art Design and jury in diverse Communication areas. He has illustrated works by Agatha Christie, Fernando Gabeira, JO Soares and Paulo Anes. His work is published in editorials, among others, in «Editora Abril., «Graphis., «Design Journal., «Institute of Design. (Seoul). He got a Career Prize at CCP and Portuguese Prizes.

At seventy-seven, and unexpectedly, I came across the enrichment of my knowledge by attending the jury of the fourteenth edition of the World Press Cartoon. It was with great pride and honour that I accepted the sharing, the generosity of the organization of this major event, which has long been a part of the communication culture as one of the most important in the world, not only in the cartoon scope, but rather in everything it explores within informing-communicating, while spreading out and, as if it were not enough, by offering laughter so many, many times through the amusement of humour that stubbornly leads to serious criticism, and the creativity of its creators. I am emotionally grateful for the invitation to be with friends Antonio Antunes, Maria Picasso i Piquer, Oscar Grillo and Cassio Loredano and, for four days, to have been immersed in hundreds of works on a professional exchange of approaches, and also in consensuses, where joys or concerns so that nothing would fail, in the election of the best, in an also outside climate, always in the wonderful company of a fantastic body and soul group, whose pleasures of the Caldas da Rainha landscapes, hospitable with its unique traditions and places, emerged as an inspiration for the judgments from us, jury members, as a first time privilege.