A selection of the best works of the World Press Cartoon Sintra 2012 salon was on display in Belgrade, with the support of the Embassy of Portugal and of the Instituto Camões an organization within the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs devoted to promote international cooperation and the knowledge of the national language and culture.

The exhibition was hosted by the Kuca Legata Gallery (the National Heritage Gallery), in the Serbian capital downtown, Kneza Mihaila 46, from the 3th to the 15th of June. The World Press Cartoon is the most prestigious international event of its kind and a mandatory meeting point for cartoonists from all over the world, which justifies the great interest of the Serb authors in this Top 2012 Exhibition. The Embassy of Portugal in Belgrade and the Instituto Camões also organized a lecture of the director of the World Press Cartoon, Rui Paulo da Cruz, followed by a debate, which took place at the Kuca Legata Gallery, on the 4th of June. The theme of the lecture was «Cartoons Against the Monotony» and included a presentation of the Sintra annual event and a proposal of analysis on the role of cartoons in our world: «In Sintra, year after year, and for almost a decade, we made proof that the cartoons are a unique form of political and social criticism. As an editorial opinion tool, cartoons bypass the limits of the written word and give a global horizon to the practice of journalism.»