WPC Sintra 2013: Awards and Honourable Mentions

Awards and Honourable Mentions

Grand Prix: «EU Rescue Team», by Michael Kountouris, Greece. Published in «Efimerida Ton Syntanton» newspaper, from Athens. Caricature category 1st Prize: «Evo Morales», by Pablo Lobato, from Argentina, published in the «Qué Pasa» newspaper from Santiago do Chile; 2nd Prize: «Mandela» by Jarbas Domingos, Brazil, published in «Diario de Pernambuco» newspaper from Recife, Brazil; 3rd Prize: «Messi» by Carbajo, Spain, published in «El Jueves» magazine from Barcelona. Honourable Mentions: «John Lennon & Yoko Ono», by Glen Batoca, Brazil, published in the «Jornal de Letras» newspaper from Rio de Janeiro; «Mitt Romney», by Ninja, Philippines, published in the «Gulf News», Dubai; «Kim-Jong Un», by Tet, Indonesia, published in «Kompas Morning Daily», Jakarta; «Steve Jobs» by Bóligan, México, published in «El Universal» newspaper, Mexico City; «François Hollande» by Cost, France, published in «Courrier International», Paris; and «Dictator Hassad», by Agim Sulaj, Albania, published in «Romagna Corriere», from Rimini, Italy. Gag Cartoon category 1st Prize: «Low Economy», by Saeed Sadeghi, Iran, published in the «Jam-E-Jam» newspaper, from Tehran; 2nd Prize: «Who is…», by Robert Rousso, France, published in «Barricade», from Paris; 3rd Prize: «Free Warrior», by Raul Zuleta, Colombia, published in «El Mundo de Karry», from Lima, Peru. Honourable Mentions: «Two Worlds» by Zlatovsky, Russia, published in the «Courrier International» from Paris; «Child Kingdom» by Firoozeh Mozaffari, Iran, published in «Etemad» newspaper, from Tehran; «A Sea of Plastic Bottles» by Diego Herrera Yayo, Canada, published in the «L’Actualité», from Montreal; «Mission Impossible» by Cristobal Reinoso, Argentina, published in «Diario Clarin» newspaper, from Buenos Aires; «Rain», by Jean Galvão, Brazil, published in «Folha de São Paulo» newspaper, São Paulo, Brazil; «Summer Tyres», by Ilian Savkov, Bulgaria, published in «Standart Bulgaria», Sofia; «Hold Up» by Martirena, Cuba, published in «Melaito», Santa Clara; «Confession» by Chubasco, Mexico, published in «El Chamuco» from Mexico City; and «Untitled», by Zhang Wei, China. The jury decided to distinguish with a Special Mention the high quality work «Untitled» by late Ukranian artist Yuri Kosobukin, published in «Perets», from Kiev, as a posthumous homage to a great cartoonist. Editorial Cartoon category «EU Rescue Team» by Michael Kountouris, Greece, published in «Efimerida Ton Syntanton» newspaper, from Athens; 2nd Prize: «Untitled» by Radulovic Spiro, Serbia, published in «Politika», from Belgrade; 3rd Prize: «USA greatest enemy», by Gregório de Holanda, Brazil, published in the «Diário de Pernambuco» newspaper, from Recife. Honourable Mentions: «Innocence of Muslims», by David Rowe, Australia, published in the daily «The Australian