World Press Cartoon in Cascais

A new exhibition space dedicated to World Press Cartoon has already opened in Cascais and presents the T0P 50 works of the 2014 edition. There the visitors can see the original caricature of Nelson Mandela, from the Indian artist Shankar Pamarthy, Grand Prix World Press Cartoon 2014.

On the move to Cascais, new venue of the event, in partnership with the Municipality, the Pousada of Cascais and the D. Luis I Foundation, World Press Cartoon shows the best international cartoons published in 2013, which includes, in addition to the prized works, the honourable mentions and finalists of each one of the three categories (caricature, editorial cartoon and gag cartoon). Among the works in display we have the Grand Prix published in Indian newspaper «Sakshi», and the first awards of the other two categories: editorial cartoon winner was the Croatian Zarco Luetic, author of a dark satire portraying the problems of the European Union with its financial system, published in the «Pikac» newspaper of Zagreb; the theme of the European crisis is also present at the first prize of gag cartoon, by the Italian of Albanian origin Agim Sulaj, published in the Italian newspaper «Corriere Romagna». On the occasion of the opening of the World Press Cartoon exhibition space in Cascais, the Mayor, Carlos Carrreiras, stated that «this is one more cultural attraction for the Museum Quarter and an appreciation for the entire perimeter. It has the symbolic value to associate this prestigious organization with the Cascais identity, based on creativity. And it also represents the joint venture of the current affairs analysis with a sense of humour. It is an art space with great artists.» The TOP 50 2014 exhibition will be open until the 5th of July, Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 6 PM hours, and the entry is free.