The 13th edition of the World Press Cartoon awards will return on June 2 to the Cultural and Congress

Centre of Caldas da Rainha, with a great exhibition of the best works published coveredin 2017 in newspapers and magazines from around the world. The winners come from eight countries on three continents: Europe, Asia and South America. The works awarded by the most prestigious international cartoon competition are signed by Cau Gomez and Silvano Mello (Brazil), Fadi Abou Hassan (Norway), Hicabi Demirci (Turkey), Luc Descheemaeker (Belgium), Marilena Nardi (Italy), Nedeljko Ubovic (Serbia), Peter Nieuwendijk (Netherlands) and Thomas Antony (India). The awarded cartoons, as well as other works on display, address the most present characters and issues of 2017, like Donald Trump, fake news and freedom of expression.
This edition is marked by the admission to competition of works produced for online publications, accepted by the organization on the condition that they are professional websites, of recognized journalistic nature. So far, the World Press Cartoon was only open for the participation of originals that had been published in printed press. The jury members hail this innovation and call “to widely disseminate the eligibility for the competition of works published online, because due to the widespread crisis of the printed press, this is in many cases the only way available for professional achievement of cartoonists.”
The awards ceremony will count on the presence of almost all the winning authors. To liven up the evening will be the Catalan comedy company Clownic and the Portuguese comedian Luís Franco-Bastos. The music is in charge of the Mount Olivett Orchestra, integrating musicians from the city of Caldas da Rainha.
The winning works are part of an exhibition that will be inaugurated that same night, after the show, also in the Cultural and Congress Centre: 281 caricatures, editorial cartoons and gag cartoons that portray the history of 2017, looks from different cultures, works in which the cartoonists assess and criticize the march of the world and make us smile. There are 227 publications from 54 countries represented. An international jury of cartoonists selected the drawings: António Antunes (the salon director, from Portugal), Rayma Suprani (Venezuela), Michael Kountouris (Greece), Robert Rousso (France) and Saad Hajo (Syria). The exhibition will be open to the public with free admission between June 2 and July 28.