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WORLD PRESS CARTOON will organize in 2021 the 16th edition and continues to hold its main event in in Portugal, at Caldas da Rainha municipality. To distinguish, exhibit, promote and award the best drawings published in the world press is still our mission.

Caricatures, editorial and gag cartoons that will make a retrospective view of the world’s current affairs in 2020, views from different cultures, drawings where the cartoonists picture and criticize the ways of the world with humour and a sharp eye. Please remember the  admissibility of works produced for printed or online professional publications.

High quality standards are the hallmark of this organization, with the structure of monetary awards from last editions, including a Grand Prix of 10 000 Euros. The Jury’s task is always hard: many works from various cultures and a growing quality. To make judging easier and to guarantee the quality and rigour to the final selection, it is of the most importance that the authors read carefully the regulation and present their works in conformity with the rules it defines.

A universal saloon demands a universal participation and clear and equal rules for everyone. Because the WORLD PRESS ­CARTOON aims at gathering the best in the international production of humour drawings published in the printed or online journalism every year, this is a meeting the professional cartoonists should not miss!


The jury.

Since its inception, the World Press Cartoon has always sought to reward the most relevant cartoons each year, subjecting the best works and authors to the scrutiny of a jury of their peers.

We have always had the honor of having several world reference names in the cartoon area as a jury, and this year was no exception.


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